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Turn standard training into continuous development with our 10 Minute Training templates. Whether it's in a staff meeting, supervision or in preparation for an inspection, our 10 Minute Training Templates are the perfect resource to ensure all staff are up to date, competent and confident.

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  • Effective Communication
  • Duty of Candour
  • Health and Safety
  • Understanding and Reporting Abuse
  • Fluid and Nutrition Needs and Monitoring
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What is 10 Minute Training?

In today's fast-paced care environment, consistent staff development can be challenging. That's where our innovative 10-Minute Training concept steps in. These bite-sized sessions are meticulously designed to provide focused and impactful learning, effortlessly fitting into the busy schedules of care professionals. Whether it's during team meetings, supervisions, or short breaks, these concise sessions ensure continuous learning without disrupting the flow of daily responsibilities.
  • Brief yet Impactful: Each session is optimized to deliver essential information in just 10 minutes, ensuring retention and application.
  • Flexible Implementation: Perfect for team meetings, supervisions, or even short breaks — anytime is a good time for a 10-minute training boost.
  • Continuous Development: Regularly updated content ensures staff are always abreast of the latest care practices and protocols.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Short sessions reduce cognitive overload, keeping staff engaged and receptive to new knowledge.
  • Consistent Refreshers: An excellent tool to reinforce existing knowledge and ensure standards remain consistently high across the board.

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