Chris Gowlett
Oct 24

What are Skills Bootcamps and Why Do I Need to Know About Them?

Skills Bootcamps are government funded courses which are made available by training providers who meet the regulations set.

Courses can be provided to those aged 19 and over, living in England. The idea is that they provide sector specific skills to fast-track people to interview stage or onto the next step in their career.  

What is The Training Initiative offering? 

Under our CareTrainer brand, The Training Initiative is pleased to offer a course to future leaders in Care.

Ideal candidates are those new in management roles or senior carer roles or those looking to take a step up in the near future.

Courses are run remotely through a mixture of live webinars and guided learning materials.  

Does that mean I can offer free training to my staff?

Not quite!

Skills Bootcamps are mostly funded by the Government. However, SME employers (with 250 staff and below) must contribute 10% or £290 per employee. Large size employers (over 250 staff) contribute 30% or £870 per employee. With many paying just £290 towards a course worth close to £3,000, it’s still a pretty good offer.

My staff are busy, how much time will the course take?  

Employees will need to commit around 4 hours per week for webinars and self-taught learning. We appreciate it’s quite a commitment. But it does give care providers the opportunity to begin benefiting from the employees’ newfound skills quickly. The accelerated learning model means the course is all done in just over 3 months.  

Investing in your staff brings a reliable workforce

The recruitment and retention challenges in social care have been widely documented. Skills for Care data shows that 94% of care providers with the highest rates of retention invest in learning and development as one of their main activities to keep staff happy and retained.

It is clear that investing in employee development helps create an environment which people want to stay in. It helps people feel valued and, with the right leadership training, creates a positive culture for all.
With the Leaders in Care Skills Bootcamp, employers can expect to:

  • Develop a loyal, talent and engaged workforce
  • Improve retention
  • Increase productivity 

Where do I sign up?  

If you're interested in putting one or multiple people on your team into our Skills Bootcamp, you can simply give us a call on 01827 216 171 or complete our contact form below.

More information on our next upcoming Skills Bootcamp in Liverpool can be found on our website
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