Complaints Policy

This policy and procedure is subject to The Equality Act 2010 which recognises the following
categories of individual as Protected Characteristics: Age, Gender Reassignment, Marriage and Civil
Partnership, Pregnancy and Maternity, Race, Religion and Belief, Sex (gender), Sexual orientation,

1. Policy

1.1 The Training Initiative places a significant emphasis on customer feedback and views the
complaints process as valuable tool for contributing to ongoing improvements to the quality of our
services. The policy of The Training Initiative is to respond to all suggestions, whether positive or
negative, in a prompt and courteous manner. All complaints will be treated seriously.

1.1 Making a complaint

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction concerning The Training Initiative Group Ltd product
or service. The Training Initiative Group Ltd take all complaints extremely seriously and all staff are
trained and committed to rectify any problem as soon as it is brought to their attention.
It is recognised that a customer who has a complaint dealt with to their complete satisfaction is
likely to become a repeat customer. Therefore, we ask that if you are dissatisfied with the service
you have received that you bring this to our attention as soon as possible by speaking to your course
Tutor in the first instance.

Should this fail to provide you with a satisfactory resolution, or you feel it is inappropriate to address
your complaint to the Tutor, then please contact the Training Office Manager via one of the
following options:

01827 216 171
E-mail: [email protected]
Write to: The Training Initiative, The Enterprise Centre, Philip Dix House, Tamworth, B79 7DN.

When you contact us, please give us your full name, contact details, and include a daytime
telephone number along with:

• A full description of your complaint (including the subject matter and dates and times if
• Any names of the people you have dealt with so far; and
• Copies of any papers or letters to do with the complaint.

The Training Initiative Group Ltd ask that you raise your complaint as soon as possible after the
event so that we have the opportunity to investigate fully.

To make a complaint regarding an employer, all complaints must be sent to the attention of the
person and address/email as identified in the commitment statement.

Our full complaints policy is available on request by emailing [email protected]