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Catheter and Stoma Awareness

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  • Delivery: Virtual/Face to Face
  • Duration: 3.5 hours
Course overview
Unlock essential skills in caring for individuals with catheters and stomas. This comprehensive course is tailored for healthcare professionals in the care sector, focusing on practical knowledge and compassionate care.

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Training Demonstrations

Learners will:

  • Know what a catheter is
  • Understand the reasons for catheterisation
  • Know how to care for a catheter
  • Be able to troubleshoot possible problems
  • Understand the reasons for having a Stoma
  • Know how to care for a Stoma

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In the Catheter and Stoma Awareness course, participants will gain a deep understanding of both catheters and stomas, their purposes, and the critical aspects of their management. This course is designed to enhance the skills of care staff in providing effective, empathetic, and safe care to individuals who require catheterisation or have a stoma.

Participants will explore the reasons behind the use of catheters and stomas, delving into the medical and personal contexts that necessitate these interventions. A significant emphasis is placed on infection control – a crucial aspect of managing these conditions. The course provides practical guidance on the day-to-day care of both catheters and stomas, ensuring that care staff can confidently support individuals in their charge. Moreover, the course addresses common issues and troubleshooting, empowering participants with the knowledge to respond effectively to potential problems. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical advice, this course ensures that care staff are well-equipped to enhance the quality of life for individuals with catheters and stomas. Ideal for: Healthcare professionals in the care sector, including nurses, care assistants, and support staff in residential and home care settings. Course Highlights: In-depth understanding of catheters and stomas Focus on infection control and daily care Practical troubleshooting techniques Enhancing quality of life for individuals with these needs
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