Diabetes Awareness
CareTrainer™ Resource Pack

This resource pack is designed for trainers to educate others about diabetes. It covers the basics of diabetes, types, related conditions, and dietary principles. Whether you're experienced or new to training, this course helps you make a difference in diabetes care and education.

This CareTrainer™ Resource Pack includes:
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Session Plan
  • Assessment
  • Handouts and Admin Templates
Please note: to be able to deliver these courses you require a valid Train the Trainer certification or recognised training qualification such as AET, PTLLS, CTLLS, DTLLS Certificate or Cert Ed.
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You will be able to deliver a course covering:

  • Know different types of diabetes
  • Understand other conditions linked to diabetes
  • Know the principles and benefits of a healthy diet
  • Be able to identify warning signs and symptoms of hypo and hyper glycaemia
  • Know how to manage hypo and hyperglycaemic attacks
  • Be able to carry out Insulin administration and blood testing (practical demonstrations)
  • Understand the legal aspects of giving or supervision of injections
  • Understand how to manage people with diabetes

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