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Starts 11th December 2023

Future Leaders in Care Skills Bootcamp

Develop your workforce with our bespoke sector based Skills Bootcamp, designed to develop new skills and prepare care staff for additional responsibilities and roles in first time management.
  • Online Delivery

  • 13 Week Course

    Includes units from the Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care (RQF):
    • Lead a Team
    • Effective Communication in Care Settings
    Future Leaders in Care Skills Bootcamp

    What are Skills Bootcamps?

    Skills Bootcamps are part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, helping everyone gain skills for life. They are funded, flexible courses of up to 16 weeks for learners living in England. They provide people with the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to an interview or progress in their current role. 

    This Skills Bootcamp covers:

    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Care Planning and Monitoring
    • Leadership & Compliance
    • Communication
    • Safeguarding
    • Developing Professional Relationships
    • Future Leaders Coaching and Support

    Benefits for Employers

    Sector-Based Training

    We equip staff with the practical skills and knowledge they need to excel in a leadership role in the care sector.

    Support Staff Progression

    Development of key skills to support career progression and strengthen your talent pool.

    Improved Productivity

    Improved organisational productivity through a well trained and motivated workforce. 

    Benefits for Learners

    Enhanced Skills & Knowledge

    Intensive training ensures learners are updated with the latest care trends and practices, preparing them to excel in senior roles.

    Personal Development

    Beyond core training, we emphasise soft skills and personal growth, producing well-rounded professionals ready to meet industry challenges.

    Career Progression

    Our Bootcamp equips learners with the tools and knowledge to ascend in their current workplaces, promoting internal growth and retention.
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    Skills Bootcamp Details

    Who is this course for?

    When does it start?



    To be eligible for this programme learners need to:

    • Be 19+ 
    • Be currently working in Adult Social Care or have recent experience of working in this sector
    • Live or work in the Liverpool Combined Authority Area
    • Be able to commit to a 13 week part-time course
    This course is up to 90% funded by Liverpool Combined Authority (70% funded for companies with over 250 staff). Costs for enrolling a staff member on this course are as follows:

    10% contribution (under 250 staff) - £290
    30% contribution (over 250 staff) - £870
    This course is designed for individuals who are already working in Adult Social Care (Residential, Nursing or Domiciliary Care) and are looking to take the next step up to roles including Team Leader and Senior Support Worker.

    Over 13 weeks, participants will receive expert tuition and coaching to develop key skills needed to effectively lead others, and take more senior roles in the day to day running of a care company.
    The Future Leaders in Care Skills Bootcamp starts on 11th December and runs for 15 weeks (including a 2 week break over Christmas).

    It includes weekly online sessions and self study/research.

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