Exclusive Offer for Logistics/Warehousing

Is your company missing out on the benefits of a Workplace QualifiedTrainer™?

  • Reduce the cost of & reliance on external training providers
  • Build a flexible and highly skilled internal training team
  • Deliver regulated qualifications in First Aid, Health & Safety, Manual Handling & Fire Safety
  • Claim 90% Government Funding* per employee on our exclusive Workplace QualifiedTrainer™ programme starting in April 2024
  • From only £295.50 pp* (Worth £2995)
* Funding is only available to Logistics/Warehousing businesses in the West Midlands Combined Authority area. Employers with under 250 staff can receive 90% funding per employee, employers with over 250 staff can receive 70% funding per employee.

The Workplace QualifiedTrainer™ Programme

  • Duration: 6-8 Weeks
  • Delivery Method: Blended (Face to Face & Online Training)
  • Cost: From £295.59 pp*
    (Worth £2995)
  • Start Date: April 2024
Transform your logistics and warehousing operations with our Workplace QualifiedTrainer™ programme. This focused training equips your team with the skills to become qualified in-house trainers, enhancing efficiency, safety, and compliance. It's an investment in practical expertise, preparing your workforce for the evolving demands of the logistics sector.

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Only Limited Funding Available

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to develop your own qualified trainers
and access over £2500 of funding per employee.

How can a Workplace QualifiedTrainer™ benefit my Logistics/Warehousing company?

  Improved Efficiency
& Productivity

A 1% increase in training volume can lead to a 0.6% increase in productivity (National Institute of Economic and Social Research). In logistics, a qualified trainer can streamline processes, enhancing overall efficiency.

  Enhanced Safety & Reduced Accidents

Investing in safety training can reduce injury and illness rates by up to 60% (OSHA). A qualified trainer ensures tailored safety training, minimising workplace accidents.
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  Cost Savings on External Training & Development

Having an in-house trainer can significantly cut costs associated with external training. This is especially beneficial for larger teams, offering substantial financial savings.

  Better Employee Retention and Satisfaction

94% of employees are likely to stay longer if the company invests in their career development (LinkedIn 2019 Workforce Learning Report).
We've had over 20 employees trained as a Workplace QualifiedTrainer™ by The Training Initiative. Each is trained to be capable of delivering courses with precision and expertise."
Dave Watts
Divisional SHEQ Manager
Epwin Group

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