Advanced Reach Truck Operator (3 Day)

Suitable For: Individuals with existing license in other Forklift operator roles
Location: On-site
Duration: 3 Days
Assessment: Practical and Written Assessment
Certification: In-house Reach Truck Operator License
Valid for: 3 years
Group Size: Maximum of 3 learners


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This 3-day Advanced Reach Truck Operator course is designed for experienced operators looking to enhance their skills and proficiency with reach trucks. Focused on the UK market, the course offers a blend of advanced operational techniques, updated safety regulations, and efficiency strategies. It’s structured to refine existing skills while introducing new practices and technologies in reach truck operation, ensuring operators are up-to-date with current industry standards and best practices.

Main Learning Outcomes:

  • Advanced Operating Techniques: Focusing on complex manoeuvres and precision handling in challenging environments.
  • Updated Safety and Compliance: Reviewing the latest health and safety regulations specific to reach truck operations.
  • Efficient Load Management: Advanced strategies for handling, stacking, and unstacking loads in high-density storage areas.
  • Equipment Updates: Introduction to new features and technologies in modern reach trucks.
  • Emergency and Risk Management: Enhanced training in emergency response and risk assessment.

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Advanced Reach Truck Operator (3 Day)