Fire Warden (Marshal) Training E-Learning

Delivery Method: Online E-Learning
Duration: 2 hours
Assessment: Online Assessment
Certification: CPD Accredited
Valid for: 1 year


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Take accountability for safety in the workplace and help management implement fire prevention measures that will save lives and stop unnecessary damage. This Fire Warden (Marshall) Training will show you multiple ways in which properties can be protected, and colleagues can be informed about emergency procedures. By taking on this role, you will be capable of ensuring the team members are ready and able to react should the worst-case scenario become a reality.
This Fire Warden Training course focuses not only on how to react to the presence of a fire but also on how to minimise the chances of it happening. You will be shown how to perform the essential skills needed for the role, which includes maintaining equipment and supervising scheduled evacuations. Additionally, you will also be given a masterclass on how fires can start and ways to stop them from becoming a serious threat to life.

Learning Outcomes
This course covers the following:

  • Discover the basic principles of fire prevention and the “fire triangle”
  • Understand the key duties of a fire warden and the skills they must have
  • Know how to maintain equipment and train people in safety procedures
  • Learn how to arrange fire drills and practice evacuations in a facility
  • Explore ways to promote fire safety and ensure escape routes are maintained
  • Gain techniques for assessing risks in the workplace and upholding policies

Course Modules

Module 01: Basics of Fire Safety
Module 02: Introduction to Fire Warden
Module 03: Preventive Duties
Module 04: Emergency Duties and Qualities
Module 05: Fire Safety Measures
Module 06: Evacuation Strategies
Module 07: Regulations and Risk Assessment

Certification Information

Duration and Assessment: The course lasts 2 hours, accounting for participant interaction and engagement. It includes assessments to ensure proficiency in the skills taught.

Certification: Participants receive a CPD at Work accredited Fire Warden (Marshal) Training certificate upon successful completion. This will be valid for 1 year.

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Fire Warden (Marshal) Training E-Learning