Health and Safety Level 2 E- Learning

Delivery Method: Online E-Learning
Duration: 4 hours
Assessment: Online Assessment
Certification: Level 2
Valid for: 1 year


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The Health and Safety Level 2 Course is designed to provide learners with an in-depth understanding of health & safety regulations for a wide range of work settings, taking you through essential procedures, PPE equipment and usage, key legislation, how to conduct a risk assessment, and much more.
This comprehensive Health and Safety Level 2 Training Course includes step-by-step guidance, case studies and audio-visual material, ideal for construction workers, factory workers, electricians and other professionals working in high-risk environments. It covers fire safety regulations, common accidents, legal responsibilities for employees and employers, and electrical maintenance.
By the end of the course, you will have the essential skills and knowledge to ensure you and your colleagues are working in compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, taking the necessary precautions to minimise risks and control hazards effectively.
Who should take the Health and Safety Level 2 Course:
This health and safety course is ideal for professionals who work in high-risk workplaces such as:
  • Engineer
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Construction Worker
  • Factory Worker
  • Social/ Support Worker
  • Medical Staff
  • NHS & Private Nurse/ Caregiver
  • And also applies to low-risk office workers

Learning Outcomes
This course covers the following:

  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of health & safety regulations in the UK
  • Identify the different types of PPE equipment needed for high-risk environments
  • Comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act and other key legislation
  • Conduct a thorough health and safety risk assessment in the workplace
  • Identify and deal with safety hazards at work responsibly and swiftly
  • Understand the costs and dangers of poor health and safety in the workplace

Course Modules

Module 01: Health and Safety at Work and the Laws
Module 02: Managing for Health and Safety
Module 03: Risk Assessment and Common Risks
Module 04: Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare
Module 05: Accidents and Ill Health at Work
Module 06: Electrical, Fire and Gas Safety
Module 07: Safety in Different Work Settings
Module 08: Work Equipment Hazards and Risk Control
Module 09: Other Health and Safety Hazards at Work

Certification Information

Duration and Assessment: The course lasts 3 hours, accounting for participant interaction and engagement. It includes assessments to ensure proficiency in the skills taught.

Certification: Participants receive a Level 2 Health and Safety certificate upon successful completion. This will be valid for 1 year.

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Health and Safety Level 2 E- Learning