Managing Mental Health & Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Participants will learn practical strategies for promoting mental health and supporting neurodiversity in the workplace foster a supportive organisational culture, enhancing employee well-being and productivity.

Valid For: 1 Year
Delivery Method: Online (Self-paced)
Cost: £95 (inc. VAT)
Start Date: Immediate
CPD Hours: 6


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    Participants will learn to recognise signs of mental health challenges and neurodiverse traits, implement inclusive policies, and foster a supportive organisational culture, ultimately enhancing employee well-being, resilience, and productivity. Additionally, managers will gain insights into conflict resolution methods tailored to accommodate diverse neurotypes and communication styles, fostering understanding and cooperation within teams: The session covers

    • Understand Mental Health and Neurodiversity and its context in the workplace
    • Recognise a manager’s role in creating an inclusive culture
    • Recognise the benefits of introducing a Mental Health and / or Neurodiversity Champion in your workplace
    • An awareness of relevant supporting legislation
    • Implementing Mental Health and Neurodiversity strategies in the workplace
    6 hours

    This course will be assessed through online multiple choice questions.

    On completing this course you will receive a CPD accredited Mental Health & Neurodiversity for Managers Certification, valid for 1 years.

    This course is accredited by CPD At Work. On completing it you will achieve 6 hours recognised CPD.

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    Managing Mental Health & Neurodiversity in the Workplace