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Our Courses

Courses and solutions for the modern workforce

Become an Accredited CareTrainer™
Become a QualifiedTrainer™
Workplace Training
 Become a QualifiedTrainer™: Start your journey with the Level 3 Award in Education and Training (RQF)
 Become a First Aid QualifiedTrainer™: Become a qualified First Aid instructor with our First Aid QualifiedTrainer™ programme
 Join as an Affiliate Training Centre: Take the hassle out of delivering regulated qualifications as an Affiliate Training Centre.
 First Aid Qualifications: Whether you want to attend an open course or book group training, we've deliver a range of First Aid qualifications to meet your needs.
 Mental Health & Neurodiversity: Our specialist team has developed a range of online and face to face mental health & neurodiversity courses to meet the needs of staff at all levels.
 On-Site Forklift Training: We provide a range of on-site forklift training solutions including Counterbalance, Reach Truck and Forklift Train the Trainer.
 Industry Aligned Train the Trainer Courses: Elevate training with specialised courses aligned to industry standards such as Skills for Health, NICE and CQC.
 CareTrainer™ Library: Gain an edge with our comprehensive library, housing essential tools and resources for a holistic training experience.
 CareTrainer™ Webinars: Ensure trainers are up to date in their development through our CareTrainer Webinars.

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Our Courses

Courses and programmes for the modern workforce

Dive into our diverse range of programmes designed to cater to learners across multiple sectors. From Online Virtual Courses to Future Leaders Development Programmes and Skills Bootcamps, we offer unparalleled training opportunities.
Train the Trainer
Skills Bootcamps
Future Leaders
 Expert-Led Insights: Dive into a range of transformative topics, from leadership dynamics to mental health nuances, through our live webinars steered by industry professionals
 Empowerment at Your Fingertips: Learn from the comfort of your own space and pace, connecting with a global audience and amplifying your learning horizon.
 Real-Time Interaction: Engage directly with experts, ask questions, and seek clarity during live sessions, making your learning journey more interactive and insightful.
 Holistic Development Journey: Embark on a comprehensive 12-week program, fusing online coursework, interactive webinars, and personalised coaching sessions to craft future leaders.
 Unlock Unlimited Knowledge: Enjoy exclusive access to free webinars, keeping you updated and informed on the latest leadership trends and practices.
 Tailored Coaching Sessions: Benefit from 1:1 coaching packages, focusing on individual growth areas, and laying down strong leadership foundations.
 Mastery Beyond Subject Knowledge: Dive deep into your chosen subject and become an inspiring educator with our all-encompassing train the trainer courses.
 Ready-to-Use Resources: Get equipped with a rich suite of training resources, from comprehensive guides to in-depth assessments, streamlining your training delivery.
 Efficient Skill Transfer: With our structured approach, ensure consistent and effective knowledge dissemination, setting the stage for impactful training sessions.
 Fully Funded Learning Pathway: Dive into our intensive bootcamps at no cost for learners, thanks to government funding. Employers can also take advantage of this initiative with a minimal contribution for upskilling existing employees.
 Jumpstart Your Logistics Career: Whether you're a newbie or an experienced professional, our Level 3 and Level 5 bootcamps offer an in-depth exploration of logistics, prepping you for the next big step.
 Bridging Skill Gaps: Our bootcamps are designed not just for learning but also for application, ensuring you're job-ready and equipped to tackle real-world challenges.
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